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F o l l o w   M e
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C o n t a c t   M e
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    I will be more than happy to capture that important moment and make it a beautiful memory for the rest of your life.
    Whether it's a birthday, a holy communion, the day that your child gave the tooth fairy a gift or just that day your are feeling pretty let me hold that moment forever.
    Contact me, let's talk about it.

H e l l o
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    I was born 30-something years ago in Havana, a city full of light, countless colours, and many people.
    I had a very happy childhood. My memories of that time are of playing outdoors, always surrounded with love and affection, enjoying myself as a little girl, the scent of flowers and the heat of the sun on my eyelashes… and also lots of photos. Taking photos was important, the camera had to be out whenever possible – and it must be from here that I inherited this desire to capture moments as images. To help us remember, to sew our most special moments into and around photographs.
    I have thousands of family photos, and what I love most is that each one reminds me of an occasion: the where, the how, the who, and (usually!) the when. My grandmother always said that “remembering is re-living” and how right she was.
    I am a self taught photographer suffering from an overly romantic gaze, wanting to capture that moment, wanting it to be beautiful and to be just as beautiful and important 20 years from now. I like pretty things, creating balance in my images, playing with light and bringing out the best in every person.
    I love photographing children; the innocence and curiosity hidden behind their games, their boundless energy, and the beauty in the novelty of every new thing they observe.
    I dream big in this fantastic photography world but for now I just want to make my world prettier one pixel at a time.
    Would you like me to capture a moment so it can become a memory for the rest of your life?